The Facts

The Facts about Endoscopy

Increasing early detection of cancer

The fundamental piece of apparatus used within an endoscopy is a flexible gastro endoscope used to provide images of the full length of the gut.

This piece of apparatus can be utilised within both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and is commonly used to look for, or exclude, a wide range of gut disorders, including the early detection of cancers.

Over 1 million of these diagnostic procedures are performed in the UK each year, and yet our outcomes for bowel cancers are some of the worst in Europe.

In order to improve our cancer outcomes we need to significantly improve our early detection rates, and the only way to achieve this is by carrying out more of these vital diagnostic tests.

Frequent tests

Endoscopy is one of the most frequently performed tests in the world, with around 70 million procedures carried out worldwide, each year.

In the UK alone an endoscopy is performed every 15 seconds.

This means the existing market for our innovation is already massive, but the nature of our endoscope means the potential market is even greater.

Interested in investing?

High costs

Traditional endoscopes used within healthcare cost around £50,000 each to purchase, and once purchased there are ongoing maintenance and cleaning costs to consider, with a single cleaning machine costing approximately £80,000.

These high initial and ongoing costs make it impossible to meet the increasing demand for endoscopy services using existing endoscope technology.

Overcoming the problems with current endoscopes

Urgent demand

The availability of endoscopy services within third world areas is extremely low, and this is mainly because of the costs involved in acquiring endoscopes and cleaning facilities.

In these less developed economies there is an urgent demand for affordable endoscopy technology that will allow people access to these life saving diagnostic procedures.

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