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Fully Disposable Endoscopes for General Medical Use

We are seeking funding to take the IQ Scope to market

A revolution in endoscopes: the IQ Scope

Endoscopy is the absolute best method of detecting gut cancers, along with other serious long term gut diseases.

The new, disposable IQ Scope overcomes the cleaning and efficiency challenges of current endoscopes.

It will enable clinicians around the world to deliver a paradigm shift in their service
and will open up new healthcare opportunities in the developing world.

Disruptive Technology

The endoscopy market is dominated by expensive, highly engineered devices. A single use scope, that also has the advantage of being cheaper to use, will turn the market on its head.
Read more about how the IQ Scope removes these problems.

The Problems with Current Scopes

Cleaning re-usable scopes is expensive and can never eliminate all disease transference.  Break downs and cleaning equipment failures cost endoscopy operating units huge losses in efficiency.
Read more about how the IQ Scope overcomes these problems.

Kinder on the Environment

The IQ scope eliminates the need for chemicals and waste products from each cleaning round. We are further looking at using products that can be re-processed.
Find out about our commitment to the environment.

Benefitting Emerging Markets

Obvious opportunities are in the developed world. However, even more radical differences can be made to clinical outcomes in the developing and third worlds.
See how the IQ Scope will help in the developing world.

Interested in Investing?

To get the product to launch we need Stage A/B funding. This will be split into two parts.

Stage A will fund the productionisation of the concept, the design of the two launch products, manufacturing tooling, employment of a small operational team to handle logistics, CE marking and launch volumes for trials and market development.

Stage B will fund FDA approval, initial launch volumes for the USA and design and development of two further higher value products which we will build on the main endoscope platform. Our business model plan is to work with a distributor who will manage sales and marketing.

Using very low assumptions for market penetration our modelling predicts a 2 year break-even point and a very significant ROIC.

Help us bring the IQ Scope to the market