Disruptive Technology

Single use endoscopes:
Transforming the Risks and Efficiencies in Internal Diagnostics

It’s a huge industry

Endoscopy is the absolute best method of detecting gut cancers, along with other serious long term gut diseases. This is why so many endoscopy procedures are carried out, and why the size of the market for endoscopy services is truly staggering.

In the UK alone an endoscopy is performed every 15 seconds. Throughout the world 70 million procedures are performed annually.

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A small number of manufacturers

The endoscope device industry is dominated by a small number of large international companies.  Entry to the industry has a high barrier because the highly engineered devices are expensive, with the need for large capital investment.  There is little incentive to change.

Our investment in the design of the unique disposable IQ endoscope means we can meet demand for our products without the need for such large capital investment.

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Why the IQ endoscope?

The clinical benefits

A single-use scope will eliminate the risk of disease transference.

It will enable small units, close to the patient, to deliver endoscopy without the prohibitive expense of decontamination.

Endoscopies can be performed outside hospital settings as the expensive decontamination processes are not required, reducing waiting times and increasing patient comfort.

In order to improve our cancer outcomes we need to significantly improve our early detection rates and the only way to achieve this is by carrying out more of these vital diagnostic tests.

Overcoming the problems of current scopes

The product benefits

The IQ endoscope is designed to feel the same as current scopes, to remove clinical re-training and make it simple to use.

It removes scope obsolescence and allows rapid product development.

It is easier to use outside hospital settings and in non-endoscopy unit settings within hospitals i.e. ITU.

Relevance for the Developing World

Lower costs

The price will be no more than the current cost of maintaining and cleaning a re-usable scope.

 In addition, the IQ endoscope

– dramatically reduces insurance risk, as cross infection risk falls;

– eliminates cancelled operations due to product break downs;

– significantly reduces fixed costs, moving cost decision-making from fixed to operating.

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