Benefits for the developing world

Huge Potential Benefits for Emerging and 3rd World Markets

Beyond the opportunities for clinical benefits in developed markets,
huge potential benefits are envisaged in emerging and 3rd world markets.

Rare endoscopy procedures

Medical services in typical 3rd world countries, or those with large rural populations, have low levels of investment and are unable to provide large volumes of pure water at constant pressures, and uninterrupted electrical supplies.

Endoscopy procedures are therefore rare.

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IQ endoscope – the Solution

The low fixed costs of the IQ endoscope, which is easily transportable and requires limited water for operation, could open up huge opportunities to improve clinical outcomes.

Our future plans include the design of mobile endoscopy units, using the disposable scopes, for less accessible areas.

Important to these plans is making sure that scopes cannot be reused, to avoid unintentional or intentional reuse, and we have some novel methods in the drawing board for this.

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