Meet the team

The Medic

Dr Patrick Ward-Booth  MB.BS, MSc

A pioneer within endoscopy services.  Patrick introduced the routine use of trans-nasal endoscopy into the UK.

Patrick was a regional lead for a national endoscopy quality improvement programme, which presaged the introduction of the national bowel cancer colonoscopy screening programme.

He started a community based endoscopy business providing service to the NHS. He subsequently sold out this service to InHealth when delivering 10,000 procedures across England.

It was his role of endoscopy in health care delivery in the UK and worldwide that highlighted to him the significant  improvements that would come from a single use endoscope.

The Engineer

Andrew Miller  MBA, BA(Hons)

A materials expert, specialising in plastics, Andrew has previous experience as a CTO in vehicle research, and in the high volume automobile industry developing high performance, quality products at a controlled cost. Andrew’s expertise and vision has been vital in the product development, providing guidance in terms of design, materials and product development.


The Accountant

Paul Martin  BA (Hons), FCA

Paul spent 15 years as a partner in practice advising corporates, and headed his firm’s medical and pharma services, with a keen eye to business structuring and tax planning.

Paul now works as a finance and managing director, bringing robust business development and planning skills to the IQ table.

The Clinical NED

Dr Philip Woodland  BSc, PhD, MBBS, MRCP

Dr Philip Woodland is a consultant gastroenterologist and honorary senior lecturer at the Royal London Hospital.

Dr Woodland received his medical degree from University College London Hospital and went on to complete his PhD in gastro-oesophageal reflux disease at Queen Mary University, London.

In both his NHS and private clinics, Dr Woodland diagnoses and treats a wide range of gastrointestinal illness. He is also an advanced endoscopist and is highly skilled at performing diagnostic and therapeutic procedures such as gastroscopies, colonoscopies and endoscopic ultrasounds.

Dr Woodland is passionate about research and has an active portfolio of projects that he is currently working on. His particular focus is on research into gastro-oesophageal reflux disease and difficulty when swallowing. Owing to his experience and exploits, he is regularly invited to present his findings and offer his views at prestigious international conferences and meetings on these subjects.