Overcoming the problems of current scopes

Overcoming the Problems with Current Scopes

Ensuring patient safety

There is very strong international evidence from a number of studies that current reusable endoscopes carry significant quantities of biomatter between patients.

This of course creates a huge risk of cross-infection and there have been a number of high profile cases of deaths associated with the use of reusable endoscopes.

The IQ endoscope will eliminate the risk of cross-infection, dramatically reducing insurance risks.

Enabling more patients to be treated

Efficient endoscopy units run a ‘conveyor belt’ system which is reliant on personnel and equipment.

Breakdown and other non-availability of reusable endoscopes cause significant interruption to the smooth running of the units, causing significant cost burdens on hospitals and negatively affecting patient care.

The IQ endoscope will eradicate cancelled operations due to product breakdowns and will increase patient care.

Reducing costs

Cleaning of reusable endoscopes requires use of specialist cleaning machines which need purified water and aggressive chemicals, and trained operators who need protective PPE. The process for High Level Disinfection (note, not sterilization)  is laborious and time consuming.

As reusable endoscopes are highly complex they frequently break due to the aggressive cleaning process.

The cleaning process entails:

  • leak testing,
  • detailed manual cleaning,
  • a wash cycle,
  • post cleaning testing,
  • drying and
  • storage.

All this adds up to a significant cost burden, with unplanned repairs wreaking havoc in stretched endoscopy units.

The IQ endoscope will significantly reduce fixed costs and will move decision-making from fixed to operational costs.